Is a fun casino legal / license

Is a fun casino legal / license The way in which HR Entertainment Limited operate their fun casino entertainment within the UKs Gaming Laws makes all our events totally 100% LEGAL. We, You and or your Venue do not need any license to offer our fun casino entertainment. We are happy to offer further help with this matter should it be required.

How long do we have the tables for?

We offer up to three consecutive hours gaming entertainment. Additional time can be purchased at additional cost. Setting up time is in addition to the operational time. It's usual be set up completed by say 7pm then entertain with the fun casino 9pm till 12am etc. there is no additional cost for this.

How many tables do I need?

We are happy to supply any number of casino tables from one upwards. We do suggest booking a table for every 20 to 25 guests if the casino is to be the main part of the event.

Casino Games & Dimensions

BLACKJACK – 6ft by 4ft

ROULETTE – 8ft by 5ft

POKER – 6ft by 4ft

WHEEL OF FORTUNE – 6ft by 4ft

DICE – 8ft by 4ft

How do I Book When Do I Pay?

To book we just need a few details such as Day and date of event, your name, company name, postal address, contact phone number, venue name & address, event times. We then write to confirm your event usually by email. A deposit is payable within five days of receipt of booking confirmation with the balance payable any time prior or even on the day of the event. Other terms can be agreed upon booking. Invoices are always issued for your records. Payment can be made by Bank Transfer, Cheque or Cash.